how much money would you spend on an ostrich?

in this quiz i will use my master mind of knowledge to see how much money you would spend on an ostrich. Then I will share this info with you.

Now take my quiz and you will know if you would spend little to no money or a lot of money on an ostrich. This is important to know.

Created by: RYAN

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like ostriches?
  2. Do you fart in elevators? (yes this question dose matter lol its in the description of two of possible outcomes)
  3. Do you like turtals?(this one dosent matter im just curriouse)
  4. If you had an ostrich would you cut off his/hers legs?
  5. do ostriches lay eggs? and dont google it you jerk!9this questions you knowledge on ostriches)be honest!
  6. do you think thast this quiz is stupid and i need to get a life?
  7. are you allergic to ostrichs?
  8. do you even really care about any of this?
  9. are you subscribed to yay bacon on youtube? this is my channle btw pls subscribe!!!
  10. did you even look me up? because i think if you liked this quiz you wull like my videos just saying bro/b

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