how much like me are you

hello, im xVaMpIrEx i want to see how many people in the lonly work are exactly like me. if you a prep you may as well go to anouther quiz right now..

just hurry up and take the frigging quiz already. damn why do i even have to typen this no one friggin reads it... take it already. please im getting mad

Created by: xVaMpIrEx

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. first off are you preppy.
  2. what's you favorite color (sorry had to ask)
  3. whats your favorite type of music
  4. are you the teacher pet
  5. if you won tickets to see linkin park what would you do.
  6. do you watch wresting.
  7. if you said yes do you like Randy Orton
  8. would you rather be left alone
  9. if you had to give a report in front of the entire school what would you do.
  10. are you ready

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Quiz topic: How much like me am I