What kind of prep are you?

Prep is not just a style, it's a lifestyle. Like any lifestyle, their are types of prep. Geography does not define what kind you are just your state of mind.

Are you a Southern Prep? What about a prepster? Perhaps an East Coast Prep? Maybe a Norteastern Prep? Take this quick, FUN quiz to find out. (No, this is not scientific!)

Created by: A.C. Skip

  1. Which brand do you prefer?
  2. Favorite shoes?
  3. Favorite Activity?
  4. Which college did you go to? Or wish you had gone to? Or want to go to? (closest option)
  5. Favorite book?
  6. Go to outfit?
  7. Favorite hangout?
  8. Favorite music?
  9. Favorite sport? (to play or watch)
  10. Favorite movie?

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Quiz topic: What kind of prep am I?