how much drama queen are you?

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are you a drama queen? I don't know that until you take this quiz. It might not be the best quiz you took for this kind of thing since this is my first quiz on someones drama level.

I really don't like this part. Ok, so you could be a drama queen or your not. it's that simple. no one is trying to hurt you in any way so if you didn't get what you wanted sorry it isn't my fault.

Created by: bla city

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  1. do you think that you are full of s---?
  2. Can you be like a b---- some times?
  3. you go to the docters and they have pionty needles. What do you do?
  4. You boy friend breaks up with you. And before you both said you love each other. what do you do?
  5. so that's it really. until I can thik of something else to say, I will just do random things.
  6. hair color, even thought this has nothing to do with it?
  7. do tacos scare you?
  8. that's it bye!
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  10. comment?

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Quiz topic: How much drama queen am I?