Dramatic Irony, Drama Queen, Hopless

Do you ever wonder whether your a drama queen, ruthless, or just cool. Take this quiz and find out your true colors.

Created by: erin

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  1. When a friend spills the beans about this girl/boy you really don't like, you...
  2. The school bully comes up to you and curses you out...you
  3. A girl at your school is pregnant and you just found out and no one else knows... you
  4. Your friend is cheating on his/her spouse...you
  5. Someone you know committed a crime and you found out about it...you
  6. Your friend is going to punk someone tomorrow...you
  7. A friend you know call there boyfriend/girlfriend the wrong name while you were talking to them...you
  8. Your friend confesses their true love for someone to you and makes you promise not to tell...you
  9. Your parents get really mad about your messy room and makes you clean it...you
  10. Do you think you are a dramatic person?

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