How much does draco malfoy love you?

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Hey!take this quiz to see if draco malfoy love's likes or hates you! Are you just anot pansy parkinson? Or are you his soulmate! Answer these questions and I will tell you!

Are you dracos type? Well find out! I believe draco was not evil and he was just misunderstood, either way he is super hot! And so is Tom Felton! Ps. I am a true Potter head!

Created by: Amy malfoy
  1. You:"can I meet draco?"Me:"ofcourse"You:
  2. Draco:"hi I'm malfoy Draco malfoy You:
  3. Draco:"what house are you in?"You:
  4. Draco: "if I randomly kissed you right now what would you do?"
  5. Draco: could you fall in love with someone like me?
  6. Draco:"okay well see you around some time?"
  7. Me:"so how was he?"You:
  8. You see pansy kissing draco but you hate pansy so what do you do?
  9. Now here is just a quiz question about draco! Who is draco's son called?
  10. Finally if you went on a date with draconian what will it be?

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