How much do you trully love the person your with??

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Many people think they are in love with someone but are they really? Are you really in love with that special someone? Or is it just something they did?

What is love to me? I think love is when you have uncontrollable feelings for one person and cant bear to keep it in any longer. When should you pop the question? If you know they might like you.

Created by: Shadys Angel

  1. do you enjoy ur time with them??
  2. do they make you blush??
  3. what do you like them for??
  4. how do they treat you?? do you enjoy it??
  5. do you both listen to the same music??
  6. do they make you smile??
  7. do they do sweet nice things for you??
  8. do you enjoy the same types of things??
  9. did you like this quiz??
  10. will you comment and rate??
  11. okaii thank for taking my quiz bye

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Quiz topic: How much do I trully love the person my with??