How much do you realy know about anarchism?

First things first this quiz is designed for those who are NOT anarchists. It is not designed to convert them to anarchism but rather allow them to test whether or not they are ignorant of the subject or not.

The reason I created this quiz is that from the internet you see attacks against political beliefs all the time, both founded and unfounded. However it seems to be common trend that anarchism receives overwhelmingly more unfounded attacks, either that or it's just a case of the most ignorant being the most vocal.

Created by: Alex Fraser

  1. Who was the first person to call themselves an anarchist?
  2. Which of these is NOT a form of Social Anarchism?
  3. Different strands of anarchism have different flags assigned to them, each with a black segment and a segment relevant to their economic/philosophical position. What colour does anarcho-capitalism use it its coloured segment?
  4. Out of these anarchist ideologies, which is most often associated with the economic centre?
  5. What is NOT a common enemy of all who identify as anarchists?
  6. What strand of anarchism is NOT associated with the Spanish Civil War and Revolution
  7. Out of these pairings of strands of anarchism, which to are NOT mutually exclusive to hold?
  8. Out of these two, what do NOT all anarchists want to abolish?
  9. Do all anarchists seek to abolish money?
  10. What strand of anarchism was Mikhail Bakunin the forefather of?

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Quiz topic: How much do I realy know about anarchism?