How Much Do You Like The NFL?

The NFL is great. Waiting for the NFL season to start is tough. You can't get much better than the NFL. The commercials are the only downside, but whatever it's still great.

Are you a Cowboys fan? Maybe a Steelers fan. It doesn't matter which team you like with this quiz. The quiz maker is a Broncos fan and it doesn't affect how you will do on the quiz.

Created by: Argyle

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  1. Do you watch every game of your favorite team?
  2. Do you watch other NFL games (not the one your favorite team is in)?
  3. Who was the 2016 NFL MVP?
  4. Who was the 2015 NFL MVP?
  5. Do you ever go to NFL games in person?
  6. Who is the Goat(Greatest of all time)?
  7. Who is the highest paid NFL player as of 6-23-17?
  8. Which NFL team is worth $4.2 Billion, highest in the NFL?
  9. Which day is it a tradition to play NFL games on?
  10. What does OTA stand for?
  11. Do you watch the draft?
  12. Do you feel like you've waited all week to watch your favorite team play?
  13. Who won the super bowl in 2015 and 2016?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Like The NFL?