how much do you like my friends(in school)

There are many people thinking about if theyll get along with there friends friends well wait no more cuz you can see if youll like my friends or not

Do you think your ready for this quiz? WELL DO YOU????? anyway just take this quiz and find out its that easy! well enjoy and rate/comment at the end!

Created by: fufe123

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  1. do you like random people
  2. do you like people who are crazy
  3. do you like emo people
  4. do you like funny people?
  5. okay were going to the mall and one of my friend go up to a random preson and start poking them would you act like you dont knot know us
  6. can you eat lunch with loud people
  7. will you rate
  8. will you comment
  9. do you think you like my friends
  10. bye bye now

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Quiz topic: How much do I like my friends(in school)