How much do you like him?

True love is something. You've been catching his eye over your mates head for months and all bof you and your friends have dissected and discussed his every move.

But is it real? Do you REALLY like him that much? You could just wonder. You could just guess. Or you could just .... Take this quiz and find out! Thanks to this great quiz, you are destined to know the answer in just a few minutes!

Created by: nicky

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you fancied him for?
  2. How similar is he to your ideal boy?
  3. Why did you start to fancy him?
  4. Have you ever been out with him?
  5. Why did you take this quiz?
  6. How much do you think you like him?
  7. Can you imagine marrying this boy?
  8. Do you think he likes you too?
  9. If you had to choose between never seeing him again or kissing your enemy which would it be?
  10. Do you think you're in love with him?

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Quiz topic: How much do I like him?