How much do you know the simpsons?

There are many people out there thats saw The Simpsons movie and a couple new episodes every now and then on Fox. And act like they know everthing about them just because they saw the movie. But only people that own the seasons and had been there since the beggening would know them well

So are you a true Simpsons fan? Have you watched the seasons and not just the movie? Do you think your the ultimate fan of all time? Well nows your chance take this quiz and find out!

Created by: keaton

  1. What was Barts first word?
  2. What childhood incident made Homer so stupid?
  3. True or False - Barney used to be smart until Homer introduced him to beer in highschool.
  4. On what season of The Simpsons was the first Treehouse of Horror on?
  5. Is Maggie Homers child?
  6. What year did The Simpsons Movie come out?
  7. How many children does Apu have?
  8. Does it bug you that ever since the movie came out people think they know everything about The Simpsons when they don't?
  9. What is The Simpsons rival town?
  10. When Springfeild split up what was the name of the sections?
  11. What doesn't homer like NYC?
  12. When Homer bought a gun and Marge told him to throw it away where did he put it?
  13. True or False - Bart use to have good grades like Lisa until he got older!
  14. Was Bart ever apart of Big Tony's mob gang?
  15. Did Homer ever die in a Treehouse of Horror episode from choking on Marge's bracolli?
  16. Extra Credit - Have you watched the show since the beggening?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the simpsons?