How much do you know Taylor Swift ?

There are many swifties all around the world. Are you the one of swifties ? Swifties is the name of Taylor Alison Swift's fans. Your absolutely know Taylor, right ? Yeah, she is the country singer from United States of America.

Then, are you smart swifty ? Do you know more about Taylor Swift ? Her gossip, her new single, her love, her latest news and much more ! If you real swifty, just prove it to the world ! Let's answer all of these questions below !

Created by: Lathifa Hanum

  1. Where Taylor Swift was born ?
  2. Who's the name of her brother ?
  3. Who was cried after listen to her song called The Best Day ?
  4. What movie does Taylor Swift like ?
  5. Her song, Forever & Always is for who ? And why ?
  6. What is her first album title ?
  7. What's her favourite country singer ?
  8. Who is her best friend ?
  9. Selena Gomez said that she likes Taylor Swift's song. What is her favourite song title ?
  10. What is her popular quotes ?
  11. What is her first single on Red album ?
  12. What is her favourite colour ?
  13. "Cause you throw your heads back laughing like a little kid" that is the lyrics of...
  14. Who is her boyfriend currently ?
  15. What is her first movie ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Taylor Swift ?