how much do you know me?(rex#3)

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Let us see how much you know me. I have a few who truly know me but do you? Actually a few who I've told things to that are in this quiz basically so do you know me?

Take this quiz to find out I'd you do and comment please. Ibhope for you to see and feel good. Lets see of you do know me alot little or not at all. Time to find out now roll out the carpet.

Created by: Rex

  1. What is my favorite Slipknot song?
  2. What is my favorite Metal Hear Solid game?
  3. What do I play?
  4. What car do I want to have?
  5. How do I have my hair ?
  6. Do I hate rap or pop music more?
  7. Have I ever thought of killing?
  8. Do I hear voices in my head alot?
  9. Do I see things that are not there alot?
  10. Do I get angry easily?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me?(rex#3)