How much do you know me 4?

There are quite a few people that know me. Not many people I'm close to, though. How close is close to me? If you pass this test, you are likely very very close.

This test follows a series of questions to test how much you know me. It will quiz you quite hard, so be prepared. We will now separate the people I'm close to, and the people I'm not.

Created by: Saratheamaze

  1. What color is my hair?
  2. How long is my hair?
  3. What color are my eyes?
  4. What's my favorite color combo?
  5. Which of the following martial arts do I do?
  6. What is my favorite animal? (of the following)
  7. Which is my favorite comic book villan?
  8. Which movie am I most excited for to come out?
  9. Which is my favorite song?
  10. Which posters do I have in my room?
  11. Which is my favorite anime?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me 4?