How close are you to a wolf ?

Do you think that you are close to a wolf? If you think so I recommend taking this quiz. If you dont think that you are close to a wolf I still recomend taking this quiz. -Anonymous

There are 15 questions in total. Results range from 0% - 100%. One of the answers (I am no telling which question)is #4 or 5 you get lots of points from both.

Created by: Anonymous3573

  1. You saw a wolf howling. What do you do ?
  2. You see a wolf attack a deer. What do you do ?
  3. A wolf is injured what do you do ?
  4. Would you rather be a wolf or something else ?
  5. Do you eat...
  6. Would you rather participate in a group or be alone?
  7. Howl or scream
  8. Alpha or beta
  9. Regular or omega
  10. Hunter or prey
  11. Teeth or sword
  12. Dog or cat
  13. Full moon or new moon
  14. Are werewolves real ?
  15. Person or werewolf

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Quiz topic: How close am I to a wolf ?