How Much Do You Know About Wolfdogs?

This quiz is mainly focused on how well you can spot wolfdogs. Well-- can you? There's so many different kinds of wolfdogs-- 10% wolf, 25% wolf, 99.9% wolf! Boggles the mind!!

Wolfdogs are super interesting creatures! There are many many wolfdogs out there in the USA now, way more than there used to be. But how much do YOU know about them?

Created by: Splashstorm

  1. What is the minimum of wolf content a wolfdog needs for it to be considered "high-content"?
  2. How should a wolfdog's ears look like?
  3. Do wolfdogs have a pronounced stop on their heads?
  4. Describe a wolfdog's back.
  5. Describe a wolfdog's body type.
  6. How big do wolfdogs typically get?
  7. Describe a wolfdog's paws.
  8. What color(s) are wolfdog's claws?
  9. True or False: A wolfdog's tail can never curl over his back.
  10. How long is a wolfdog's tail?
  11. How does a wolfdog's coat usually feel?
  12. True of False: Some wolfdogs can get husky markings.
  13. How do wolfdogs walk?
  14. Someone breaks into your home. Your wolfdog:
  15. True or False: Wolfdogs are bigger than pure wolves.
  16. True or False: Wolfdogs are independent but can be easily trained once he knows you are the alpha.
  17. How much wolf should your dog have in him to require you get him a $3000 enclosure?
  18. Finally, how many wolfdog ads are scams?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Wolfdogs?