How much do you know about the vampire diaries?

I love this show. I made this quiz to see if there is anyone out there that does I heart Tyler. I don`t care if you like him more Caroline. HIS MINE!!

Have fun and stay tuned for Vampire Diares seven minnutees in heaven my freind is making a night world quiz. It is by the same auther. So see if you fall for Ash or James.

Created by: AliceStacia
  1. What girl has been with these fallowing guys Damon, Matt, and Tyler.
  2. What did Caroline and Tyler say they were all the time?
  3. Who all had to die for Klaus to make hybrids?
  4. Who can transform into a raven?
  5. Who are meant to be enemys?
  6. Who was being hurt by there father?
  7. Who makes there friends help with senior prank day?
  8. Whats the secert of making hybrids?
  9. What promise did Damon make to Elena?
  10. Who does Elena think is a monster?
  11. Who is the best couple?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the vampire diaries?