How much do you know about the UNDDD?

This quiz will test your knowledge about the UNDDD. This special decade of the United Nations started in 2010, which is now two years ago. Curiosity towards the outreach of the campaign is the reason why it is created for you.

Are you a UNDDD genius? Do you have the right skills to answer all the questions in this UNDDD quiz right? Find it out and take the test. Show that you are a true follower!

Created by: Aafke Wiegersma

  1. What does UNDDD stand for?
  2. Globally, how many countries are affected by desertification?
  3. Approximately how much land is degraded in drylands every year?
  4. Approximately how many people live in the drylands (compared to the rest of the world)?
  5. What does desertification mean?
  6. Where is the UNCCD Secretariat located?
  7. Which city was hosting the tenth session of the Conference of the Parties of the Desertification Convention?
  8. UNCCD was the outcome of which summit?
  9. Which country has the largest dryland area in the world?
  10. What does DLDD stand for?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the UNDDD?