How much do you know about The Selection?

The Selection quiz!Are you a real selection nerd? How much do you know about thins totally awesome series? It's awesome, and awesome, so awesome that it's awesome

Let's find out how well you know this series! Some questions are easy, while others are, well.Not. Enjoy this super awesome quiz! Best of luck! 100%!?

Created by: Marlee Tames

  1. What was Marlee and Carter's punishment in The Elite?
  2. What caused America's heart attack in The Heir?
  3. What was the name of August Illéa's wife's?
  4. Gregory Illéa turned out to be
  5. What was the Women's room called after the One?
  6. How many names are drawn for the Selection?
  7. What is the name of the rebel group that wanted to kill the royal family?
  8. What are the jobs of a five?
  9. Who did America date before the selection?
  10. Eadlyn "beat Ahron into the world" by how many minutes?
  11. What was King Clarkson's mother's name?
  12. Who is Ainsley Station?
  13. Who married Aspen Leger?
  14. Amberly's hinted at which competitor winning the Selection
  15. What drink did America take when she was in her room after being shot?
  16. What happened when America jumped to conclusion on Maxon and America's first date?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about The Selection?