how much do you know about the king of pop

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are you a Michael Jackson know it all see if you are with my quiz. if you get a 100% you are in my kingdom of Michael Jackson and you know him vary well

I hope you like my quiz recommend this to your friends and they might get a 100% too. this quiz is about the king of pop himself . I'm giving you a hack study about him

Created by: kayla

  1. what year did he die
  2. what was his first solo album called
  3. what was the band he and his brothers in
  4. what was his first movie
  5. what is his sister's names
  6. what year was he born
  7. where was he born
  8. how old was he when he died
  9. what was the first award he got called.
  10. what Jackson 5 song hit number 1

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the king of pop