How much do you know about "The Click Five"?

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The Click Five is really, really my favorite band... You won't probably take this quiz if you don't love them as much as I do, right? So I know you don't want to read a speech..

Do you know everything about The Click Five??? From their history up their outfit? You're gonna find out later. Take the quiz and find out if you are really worthy to see this band in person..

Created by: iamjamdeb611
  1. When did The Click Five become active?
  2. Where did this band came from?
  3. Where are they studying before they become a band?
  4. Who is the former vocalist of the band?
  5. Who is the present vocalist?
  6. What's their first album?
  7. When did the first vocalist left the band?
  8. Which of these is NOT a genre of The Click Five songs?
  9. What is the name of their 2007 film?
  10. What is their style when they're still NEW?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about "The Click Five"?