How much do you know about Selena Gomez?

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This quiz tests how much you know about Selena Gomez and if you are a true fan of hers I hope you actually is take it and have fun and let us know

Have fun taking this quiz by the way do not Google like I would do but I actually wouldn't bcs comon this is Selena Gomez I know a lot about her. Xoxo

Created by: Nina

  1. What's Selena's middle name?
  2. What's Selena's favorite fruit?
  3. Who's the famous artist ex of hers?
  4. Who's the last man that she dated ?
  5. Does she has any sibblings?
  6. Who's her BFF?
  7. What diasease does she sadly has?
  8. Which music video's dress did she gave away to her fans for free?
  9. How many movies was Selena in?
  10. What singer did Selena work with when she was working at Disney?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Selena Gomez?