How much do you know about Rope Hero?

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Rope Hero is a very strong, super fast and fearless superhero who lives in Vice Town. He has an unlimited super rope in his Arsenal, as well as the ability to make mega jumps and landings, the ability to move around buildings, and many more interesting things. With the help of a rope, the Rope Hero can quickly move through the buildings of the city, move over the buildings and be aware of what is happening on the city streets.

Rope Hero uses his power to free the city from crime. He always fights evil, e.g. gangsters and other evil that fill up Vice Town. He also has huge fame and huge popularity in the city. Also, Rope Hero waits for exciting chases and fights with villians. Take this quiz to know how much you know about this super-powered hero.

Created by: Sankhadeep Dey

  1. Where does Rope Hero live?
  2. Who is Rope Hero's friend?
  3. What weapons can Rope Hero skillfully use?
  4. What vehicle does Tipson have?
  5. What skill does Rope Hero manipulate through his unique weapons?
  6. Which one of the following has a fair chance to beat up Rope Hero?
  7. Which helicopter is stronger?
  8. Which is the fastest transformer in Vice Town?
  9. What is the specification of the Cinema Hall in Vice Town?
  10. What makes Rope Hero unique from many other superheroes?
  11. What furniture is present outside the house of Tipson and Rope Hero ?
  12. What is the colour of Rope Hero's and Tipson's House?
  13. How many jumpers are there on the top of the Cinema hall?
  14. How many beaches are there in Vice Town?
  15. Which is the most powerful gun of Rope Hero?
  16. Which is more effective for making people engage in dancing?
  17. Who is the fastest runner in Vice Town?
  18. What weapons do not work on the Transformers?
  19. Did you like this quiz?
  20. How expert are you in playing Rope Hero : Vice Town ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Rope Hero?