How much do you know about rabbits?

FIND OUT IF YOU KNOW ENOUGH TO GET A BUNNY! a bunny that has great envirement! can you complete this quiz? Have a go, and have fun! Keep reserching, and learn as much as you can.

Do you think you know all thse questions? if so then great job! if not, plese keep reserching! Have fun! and keep reserching about bunnys, to learn as much as you can!

Created by: Rabbits

  1. do rabbits like being together?
  2. Do de-sexed bunnys make better pets?
  3. Do 2 un de-sexed males like being together if not together since young?
  4. Do 2 Females like being together if together since young?
  5. Best pet, male of female?
  6. Can rabbits eat Apple Apricot Banana Basil Blueberries?
  7. What age can a bunny seperate from its mom?
  8. Can you leave the rabbit at home alone to go away for a few days?
  9. What should i put in the litter tray?
  10. What could you use as bedding in the rabbits hutch

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about rabbits?