How much do you know about pokemon?

In this Quiz You will be Tested What you know about Pokemon and at the end it will reveal how much percentage you kow about Pokemon That's All Good Luck!

Also if its too hard or too easy please comment it too me That's All Good Luck at your Quiz and Whatever your score your still an Amazing and a Extraordinary Person!

Created by: Amazinguy123

  1. What type is super affective against flying type pokemon?
  2. What is the first legendary pokemon Ash encounters?
  3. Which pokemon doesn't change types when mega evolving?
  4. What does the ability sturdy do?
  5. What type is super effective against ghost?
  6. What does cheri berry do? (in the main games)
  7. Which town is in Sinnoh?
  8. What town did ash come from?
  9. Who is the Mouse Pokemon?
  10. What is the first pokemon shown in the Pokedex?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about pokemon?