How Much Do You Know About Percy Jackson?

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Well, I know this quiz isn't hard at all. But I really couldn't think of good questions, so... Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) Good luck! :D :D :D

Tell me in the comments what you thought about this quiz, and, if you want, tell me your favourite character too! Mine is Luke Castellan(He belongs to MOI, so don't you even think about laying your fingers on him xD That is, if you're a girl :3)

Created by: DarknessOnMyEyes
  1. What are the names of the two sea monsters Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse and Clarisse's crew meet, while entering the Sea of Monsters?
  2. Where is the Sea of Monsters located in the books?
  3. What is Luke's mother's name?
  4. What was Grover's uncle's name?
  5. Who is Artemis's twin brother?
  6. In the fifth book, Percy fights a golden titan. What was the titan's name?
  7. Who is "The Last Olympian"?
  8. What is Luke described as?
  9. Where did Tyson and Percy meet the first time?(Place, not book)
  10. The last question: Grover Underwood is Percy's best friend through the whole series. Grover was the one who led Percy to Camp Half Blood(even though he fainted on the way). What is Nico di Angelo?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Percy Jackson?