how much do you know about nicki minaj

im so glad you took this quiz its about nicki minaj how much you know about her i dont give a s--- if you dont like this quiz by the way i hope you like it now take the quiz right now because your wasting yo time reading this

do you know every thing about her? are you ready to take the quiz? until now your wondering (arnt ya) but thanks for taking this you will find out in a few minutes!

Created by: queenofpop

  1. what month was she born in?
  2. which of these songs did she NOT make
  3. whos her fav singer
  4. in her song highschool who was she featuring
  5. what was her first song that she made
  6. how old is she now
  7. which singer does she hate the most
  8. oh my god look at her (fill in blank)
  9. pills n potions were (fill in blank)
  10. do you hate this quiz

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about nicki minaj