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  • Second of all there first mission was d ranked they got a cat that ran away and the other mission where they went to gaurd the guy was an a rank not s rank do your research first naruto never has done a s rank until je became an adult

  • You are 100% genius.

    You are a genius on Naruto Shippuden! You don't need to watch every day at all! You know all there is to know about this show! Congrats!!

    als o, I agree with skydragon :) it's TOBI, CHIYO and KAZEKAGE ;)

  • Ok How are we suppose to answer correctly if you don't spell right?

  • Wow, Tony? Chyio? Kazegage? Nanah. Tobi, Chiyo, Kazekage.

  • Its tobi not tony you wouldve gotten less then 10 % if you didnt make it


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