How much do you know about me?

There are only a few people who know about me from the first day of my life to now. Do you think you're one of them? if not, take this quiz to prove yourself of knowing me.

How well do you know me? In this quick quiz, you will soon find out. Are you an expert of my life, or a stranger to me. Find out now. Go! Get going! :)

Created by: Shadow98
  1. What am I?
  2. What is my actual name?
  3. Where do I live?
  4. When is my birthday?
  5. Am I regular, emo, or neither?
  6. Am I in a relationship and if so with who?
  7. What is my favorite song?
  8. Well that's it after these next two questions.
  9. What is my favorite color(s)?
  10. Favorite food/ beverage?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about me?