How much do you know about me?

There are many smart people in life, but few know the deep, down stuff about me. Before you take this test, i warn you, if you dont get over 80%.. i will be very angry with you and ill never be your friend AGIAN.. haha im totally kidding! take the test and see how much you know about me!

Are you willing to take this hard, extreme test? Some people say that it is worse than a biology test.. or a world history test.. and some think that its even harder! haha just joshing ya! This test is unbeleivably easy!.. (if you know some things about me)

Created by: Paige
  1. When is my birthday?
  2. How old are my two sisters put together?
  3. How old is Spice?
  4. What is my favorite candy bar?
  5. What color are my eyes?
  6. What is my favorite class?
  7. What does my dad do for a living?
  8. What time was i born?
  9. How many siblings does my mom have?
  10. What is my favorite holiday?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about me?