How Much Do You Know About Lord Voldemort?

Hello quiz takers! This is a Harry Potter trivia quiz about Lord Voldemort, as you can see. I hope you like it. Please take the time to rate it and comment, I would really appreciate it.

This is one of the first few quizzes I've made, so please cut me a little slack if I make some mistakes. I really hope you like it. Thanks for taking!

Created by: Underworld
  1. What House was Voldemort sorted into?
  2. What was Voldemort's mother's name?
  3. Is Voldemort a Parselmouth?
  4. What is the name of Voldemort's pet snake?
  5. Voldemort is is possession of which Hallow at the end of the Deathly Hallows?
  6. What is Voldemort's blood status?
  7. What is the spell used to conjure the Dark Mark?
  8. Where is Voldemort's headquarters located?
  9. Where did Voldemort's father grow up?
  10. Who was the first Death Eater to go back to Voldemort?
  11. Who of the following was possessed by Voldemort?
  12. What is Voldemort's real name?
  13. According to the Cursed Child, Voldemort had a daughter. What was her name?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Lord Voldemort?