How Much do you know about Life's Riddles(gacha series)

(watch the gacha life series life's riddles/Gay? on youtube if you havent)if you are a subscriber to Kai's gacha channel,then you should know about her series Life's Riddles/Gay?,let's see if you remember the episodes you watched.

Some questions will relate to Season 1 or 2(dont worry i'll tell you which season to help ya)will you do good on this test and get 100 percent or something than 100 percent,let's find out!!!

Created by: KillerDolly
  1. Season 1:who was bullied for looking gay?
  2. What are the names of the people that Dylan meet that later become his friends?
  3. Who besides Riley wears a mask?
  4. True or False:Andre and Forrest wear glasses
  5. What is Dylan's sister name?
  6. True or False:Riley,Forrest,Dylan,and Andre are gay?
  7. Where did Dylan first meet Andre?
  8. Do the school bullies(Andre,Forrest,Riley)become Dylan's friends at the end of the season?
  9. Did Riley hurt Dylan while he was in the hallway,if yes then how did he hurt him?
  10. Pair the Correct Couples
  11. Season 2:What are the names of the people that come to the Christmas Party?
  12. Riley hides a mark on his face with his mask,what is the shape and color of it
  13. True or False:Jay used to bully Andre
  14. Riley and Andre are both cats,but what mythical creature are they?
  15. True or False:Jay is adopted by two fathers
  16. Ella is not only Evan's girlfriend,what else is she?
  17. What occupation is Andre's dad doing(his dad's name is Dan btw)
  18. What are the names of the 2 familiars that appear in the series?
  19. Does Dylan have a little Brother named Neo?
  20. Riley tells another blonde kid in school to keep a mask on because...
  21. Who do fans of the show think is working with Dan to kidnap angels?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know about Life's Riddles(gacha series)