How Much do you know about Leonardo Dicaprio?

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Are you a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio? Do you think you're his biggest fan? Why don't you test your rank as a fan with this "How Much do you Know about Leonardo Dicaprio?" quiz!

In just a few minutes you'll find out how much you know about Leo! Compete with other Leo fan friends of yours to see who's the bigger Leo fan with this quiz!

Created by: Olivia

  1. What was his first movie?
  2. What is Leo's favourite drink?
  3. What movie did Leonardo Dicaprio film in Canada?
  4. What is Leo's upcoming film called?
  5. Where was Leo born?
  6. What girlfriend did Leo bring to the 2005 oscars?
  7. What is his moms name?
  8. How many times has Leo been on Oprah?
  9. How many times has Leo been on Oprah?
  10. Why hasn't Leo won an oscar?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know about Leonardo Dicaprio?