How much do you know about Ivan Moody?

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There are people that know about rockstars, and those that don't. But the real Question i, How much Do YOU know about them? Take this quiz to see how much you know about a rockstar named Ivan Moody.

Maybe you have what it takes to get 100%. If you get a 100%, then you'll be my friend for life! xD (JK) I can tell if you didnt get a 100% truly. If you don't know what this stands for \m/ and you get a 100, you'd better run.. xD

Created by: krdffdpfan

  1. What instrument does Ivan Moody play in his band?
  2. What Band was Ivan previously in before his present one?
  3. What band is Ivan now a member of?
  4. Does Ivan Moody have a child? If so, a girl, or boy?
  5. When is Ivan Moody's birthday? (year 1980)
  6. What style does he, and his band play?
  7. Did Ivan Moody come up with his present band?
  8. What is Ivan's new tour named?
  9. Why did Ivan and his band have to pull out during the All that Remains Tour in 2008?
  10. What is Ivan's stage name?
  11. which movie did Ivan Moody star in?
  12. Which Band out of the following was a "side job" Ivan started on when his present band was beginning?
  13. which of the following quotes is said in Ivan's song 'Never enough?' *NOTE* All quotes below are from songs written by him.
  14. Does Ivan sing screaming vocals?
  15. which song is the ONLY Instrumental in Ivan's second album with his present band?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Ivan Moody?