how much do you know about Harry Potter

The world has come to know (and love, for those who give it a chance) the magical world of Harry Potter. There are thousands of trivia questions, but out of just 10 randomly picked questions, can you prove that you know about Harry Potter? Although this quiz is just for fun, you can test your Potter trivia, and maybe your friends too :)

Do you think you know Harry Potter facts? These are 10 randomly picked questions to test the minor or hardcore Potterheads. The results are just to see if you knew these 10 questions, but maybe you will find out your knowledge of the Wizarding World right here!

Created by: Luna Lovegood

  1. Aside from the Riddikulus charm, what really finishes off a Boggart?
  2. where does Tom Riddle say he first heard of the term 'Horcrux'?
  3. what are the names of Harry and Ginny's kids
  4. what are the names of the creatures that attacked Harry in the cave in the Half Blood Prince
  5. what is the first happy memory Harry chooses when practicing the Patronus charm with Lupin
  6. how did Harry get chosen to be a seeker in his 1st year
  7. what creatures were being put into Umbridge's office, and who was blamed for it
  8. what did Cedric Diggory tell Harry to do after he died during the Prior Incantatum of Voldemort and Harry's wands
  9. who gave Katie Bell the horcrux necklace
  10. what were/was Snape's last word(s)

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