How much do you know about gtq?

Thank you for takeing this quiz i hope you like it,It's to see how much you know about gotoquiz,thank you sorry for doing dois dfh dvb fgt dss cmj nvc dju fgk urq dgj oit fjk ugb

Thank you so very much for taking this quiz.So i can level up so fast thank you sorry i hate this part cfd fku edf yea dki fgh jsa hiur dfk jsa fyt fhy g

Created by: Jet_The_Hawk

  1. Hope you like it gtq people.
  2. How many forums are there?
  3. Is there a the loveing forum?
  4. Which forum is this,Music,bands,and dance?
  5. Which forum is this,Psychology,personality,and human behavior?
  6. Which forum is this,For role-playing/soaps?
  7. Which forum is this,Automotive and mechanical topics?
  8. Which forum is this,Threads about art and crafts?
  9. Which forum is this,For anime and mange?
  10. I hope you like it,rate it.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about gtq?