How Much Do You Know About Graystripe?

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Warriors lover? Graystripe lover? Then take this test to test your knowledge! Good luck on this test, and maybe read all the books to remind you about these questions.

It will be a long quiz so good luck and some of these questions you will have to read most of the books to answer them because I found them on a Graystripe information site! :) Enjoy.

Created by: Me (Spottedleaf)
  1. Was Graystripe born a kittypet?
  2. Who did Graystripe meet in the twolegplace when he was an apprentice?
  3. Who were Graystripes two best friends in the book, Into The Wild?
  4. Who was Graystripes mentor when he was an apprentice?
  5. Who was Graystripes first apprentice?
  6. Who was Graystripe's first girlfriend?
  7. Did Graystripe have kits?
  8. What were his kits names? - Is this a trick question? ... -
  9. Who was the loner that Graystripe and Fireheart sent Ravenpaw to live with?
  10. Who was Graystripe's second girlfriend?
  11. What was Graystripe's clan?
  12. Was Graystripe ever a kittypet?
  13. In what book did Graystripe become deputy of ThunderClan?
  14. How does Graystripe's mate, Silverstream, die?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Graystripe?