How much do you know about Gorillaz?

We all know Gorilaz, the greatest band(in my opinnion) They have great songs, and have a really cute singer! They have many songs that have reached the UK top 100 list, and are the bestestest band in my eyes!!

Do you know about Gorillaz? Do you know 2D's real name? DO YOU know that Murdoc's tongue is over 3 inches long? Find out how smart you r in my awesome quiz about an awesome band!!!!!!

Created by: Liz
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  1. What is 2D's real name?
  2. Murdoc is known as a...
  3. 2D appears to have no eyes. What the heck happened?
  4. Noodle's birthday is when?
  5. Russel is ... with his best friend
  6. Finish sentence: Cities breakin' down on a camels back,...
  7. What song were those lyrics from?
  8. How did Noodle suvive in the video for "El Manana"?
  9. What 3 things make Murdoc so famous?
  10. In which song video has 2D trapped in a tower with people watching him and laughing?
  11. Do u like my quiz?
  12. Good cause its over

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Gorillaz?