How Much Do You Know About Fosters Home Of Friends?

So. You came to test yourself didn't you? You think you know about Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends? Well, you came to the right place!! Good Luck!

Hopefully you know your stuff about this show. I'm going to rate it " easy-medium" because there are easy guess, and not so easy... Anyways have fun taking this!

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  1. Who is the Blue guy's name?
  2. What is the yellow weird guys name?
  3. What does the yellow guy like to say?
  4. Where did Frankie Go in the Foster's Movie?
  5. What did Mac and the Blue guy do for " Adopt a Thought Saturday" ?
  6. Coco is a Dog True or False?
  7. Who is Professor Harrison?
  8. How big is edwardo?
  9. True or false A girl wanted the blue guy to be named Tiffany.
  10. What color is frankie's hair?
  11. Last question: Who's the tallest Wilt, Coco, Edwardo, Or MAc?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Fosters Home Of Friends?