How Much Do You Know About English Horse Riding?

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Hihihi. It's LouiseTheo, AKA the Smartest Person in the World. Kidding. I just hate Zoom school and am going bonkers. Anyway, please don't feel bad if you get a low score. Not many people know a lot about this stuff.

Also, please comment and rate because I need to know what you think of your result! I hope you like it, because I worked really hard on this quiz. Have a nice life, Chico. Peace. -LouiseTheo.

Created by: LouiseTheo
  1. Do you jump in English?
  2. Do you sit the trot?
  3. Do you hold on to the saddle horn?
  4. What is a two-point?
  5. When posting, do you stand when the outside leg goes forward or the inside leg?
  6. How do get the horse to go faster with your mouth?
  7. Do you put your heels down or up?
  8. What do boots do?
  9. What does closing your hip angle mean?
  10. What is changing reign on the diagonal?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About English Horse Riding?