How much do you know about dogs?

Now, many people have an interest in dogs. And our canine companions are loving and smart. But how smart are you about them?? This test will vary the questions, and tell you how smart you really are.

So take this quiz and tell us how wide your knowledge of dogs truly is. Good luck. (and here's a quote that I like a lot) "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it's limits" Albert Einstein

Created by: rubber paw
  1. How much do you think you know about dogs?
  2. How many sizes of Poodle are there?
  3. How many colors do Labrador Retrievers come in?
  4. How many sizes of Schnauzers are there?
  5. What is a nickname for the Australian Shepherd?
  6. Which of the following dog breeds has been known to be taught how to read?
  7. What is the dog trying to show you when they roll over and show you their belly?
  8. If a dog jumps up on you, what is it trying to show you?
  9. If the dog jumps on you, what is the best way to teach it not to?
  10. Why are Pitt Bulls so aggressive?
  11. Is each individual dog unique in personality and needs?
  12. What breed of dog is Todo, the famous dog in the Wizard of Oz?
  13. Why would a puppy not act ashamed, but rather pleased, even proud, when he does something wrong to make a mess (such as tear a few pillows apart)?
  14. What is the command you use to get a dog to walk beside you?
  15. What breed of dog cannot bark?
  16. True or False: The Greyhound only usually weighs 60-70 pounds due to it's fragile and lightweight frame.
  17. What is the record of chased out rats set by a Rat Terrier?
  18. True or false: Airedale Terriers come in two different variations: not in size or color, just very slight and name.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about dogs?