How much do you know about Darkstalker?

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Created by: EmmaL1nd

  1. How do you know that he can read minds.
  2. What is the proper word for a dragon who beholds magical powers.
  3. what kind of hybrid dragon did he turn into
  4. what color was his egg
  5. why did his egg turn this color
  6. what was different about his sister
  7. what was his sisters name
  8. what was his fathers name
  9. what was his mothers name
  10. where did darkstalker store his animus powers
  11. who was the only person that knew about his powers.
  12. what special power did clearsite have.
  13. who was the better seer
  14. what was one of darkstalkers major flaws when it came to him being a seer
  15. what did darkstalker do to his father at the end of the wings o fire darkstalker book.
  16. did foeslayer die

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Darkstalker?