How much do you know about dancing?

There are TONS of good dancers out there, (including me), but few are perfect. Cause, we all know, that, nobody is perfect, right? So find out if you are a great dancer today!

Are YOU a great dancer? Well, find out in this brilliant quiz! You could be an all star dancer soon!!! Find out if you are an awesome dancer, or a complete failure!!!!!!!

Created by: dancer

  1. What is a famous move in Ballet?
  2. What is a harder type of Ballet called?
  3. What does the word, "Ballet", mean?
  4. What is a famous Ballet production?
  5. Who is a famous Ballet Dancer?
  6. Do you dance to Ballet?
  7. Did you like my/this quiz?
  8. What is another style of dance?
  9. Is Ballet easy?
  10. Will you leave comments?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about dancing?