How much do you know about Border Collies?

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A lot of people have pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, pigs etc. But a lot of people don't know much about their pet and if you want a Border Collie you are going to have to know a lot! 

Do you know a lot about Border Collies? Some will say "What is a Border Collie?" While other people are like, "No but I know what one is." and rarely some will say "Yes I know lot's about Border Collies!" So go ahead and take this quiz to find out how much you know about Border Collies! :)

Created by: BorderCollie

  1. What is the usual life span for a Border Collie?
  2. Are Border Collies very intelligent?
  3. What are Border Collies known for?
  4. How much energy does a Border Collie have?
  5. True or False? A Border Collie can only be black and white.
  6. True Or false? Most Border Collies are scared of fireworks.
  7. Are Border Collies sometimes used in sports?
  8. Can a Border Collie be clicker trained?
  9. Are border Collies born going great with cats, other dogs, little children ect.?
  10. True or False? A Border Collie is able to herd sheep well because of it's easy way of being able to move positions quickly and it's stalk and stare.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Border Collies?