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  • I consider myself relatively smart. Its one of the few things I take pride in. Never once have I distinctly hated a teacher but kudos to her for being the first. Shes so rude to everyone and she thinks shes so much better than everyone. Her teaching style is making us copy notes from her packet and quizzing us on it the next day. Then she passes our papers to OTHER students to grade. Ever heard of FERPA biatch??? But one day I asked her what the difference between and Eliptical adverb clause and an adverb clause. Her response was, most bright kids would know that..... Like wtf women. Proud 97% here.

  • 91%

    I hate my history teacher so much. I have an A in her class, but she always likes to say how I only study for the test and I actually don't know anything. She makes fun of us and constantly tells us how stupid we are. I HATE HER!

    Once she even cried when another student pointed out how she always picks on her. Such a stupid woman, my life would be so much better withouth her. I used to think my gossiping teachers were bad. But this awful woman beats them all. I wish I could beat her. See what she does, she even makes me violent. I am not like this! I JUST HATE HER!!!

    • im not replying to this but i hate my computer teacher her voice is annoying and she thinks she is nice 0/2% she cant sing she always tries to sing the music is better off by its self she is also weird and i think she likes mr.abram.

  • 51%?

    I'm surprised... Thought it'd be higher considering I'm seriously planning out his murder right now... Hmmm, should I lace his coffee with potassium cyanide or aconite?

    Though, TBH, he actually does his job okay, if only he wasn't as annoying as ****, and didn't refuse to accept my 23-hour-late WWII essay (which is worth 10% of our grade), I might not despise him.

  • I've always not liked reading, but now I HATE IT! This lady was one of those helper teachers last year, but because of the pandemic, I think they hired her to be a reading teacher. She doesn't know how to teach or grade! In google classroom, she'll put my grade in as a 100, but in grade school (site for checking grades), she puts all my work as an 89 or lower :(. I'm a straight-A student so her class really brings me down. I think at the end of the year I'm going to tell her just how much I hate her.

  • I absolutely hate my teacher. I joined band in 7th grade and had a great band teacher until the next year i got a new band teacher. Thought she was going to be great, but as time flew by and i got older she got a lot worse. She is nice to my friends but not me. She has something against me. Is it normal for a teacher to have something against one of their students and like the rest of the students? I would really like this question answered. Also she thinks she is cooler than me

  • I really hate my english teacher. She always give my friends and i a weird nickname and i guess she is a racist person....i really hate her when she said she was teaching us in the class but actually no one of the student think she does that... idk what is she teaching all of us ..always giving us hw but didnt teaching us how to do it...and then mad at us cause dont complete the work as she wanted. Before THAT WEIRD TEACHER were assign to my class, i really like english class..but after she makes my mood down whenever her classes started. The funniest part is when the teacher always mocking us like calling us frogs,living in a cave or even worst STUPID...she even looking down on us like we are the most STUPID STUDENT EVER EXIST....and she even throw my excersice book cause i have bad so unprofessional at all....I'M SO *U**ING hate herrrrrrrr

    Sorry for the bad english:(

  • My teacher gave me my first ever zero in my whole life, punished me for no reason, didn't let me packup even when it was about 3.52 seconds from the bell, let everyone else go unpunished while I was stuck with two parent notices, and purposely tells everyone and every teacher just how "bad" I am.

  • 100% for my assistant Social Studies teacher. We had to do this vocabulary sheet for an upcoming quiz, And I needed extreme help for the sentences. Then she just yelled at me and wrote a note to my mom. "That's just an excuse" she says to everyone for everything.

  • 88%; Most accurate quiz I've ever taken. He gives me any more nonsense and I'll bump it up to 150%. I like #5, and if he does anything else stupid again, I really WILL "Conduct a highly thought out plan of how to get her/him fired". This idiot gives me a detention for, allegedly, putting a FOLDER in the wrong place in a BOX. He said "if anyone puts their folder in the back of the box, its a detention." I put it clearly front of the box. He gives me and 3 other people in front of me a detention. I was following the people in front of me, who I watched also put it in the front. PLUS, he's the worst teacher I've ever had, and he wastes SOOO much time that I want to rip my hair out. Math used to be my favorite subject. Now I want it to be 9 weeks into the future for the new semester and a new math teacher. He gets on my bad side even a little bit, and I will pray to god that I can get the fool fired. Hes a young-like teacher from Minnesota, Mr. Killian. If anyone sees him, please kill him, I will worship you forever. (Book over =p)

  • I HATE MY TEACHER SO MUCH AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. SHE KNOWS NOTHING!!! when we ask her a question she tells us to look it up on our iphones OUR IPHONE, AND WERE NOT EVEN SUPPOSE TO HAVE THEM IN CLASS. Theres this one kid who always brings his laptop and hes pretty smart so shes always asking him how to pronounce easy words and to look up and answer to a question she should know REALLY WELL. My friends and I are coming up with plans to get her fired NOWWW, cause if I get her as a teacher next year i just might shoot up the school (jk I wont, but I really do hate her)

    Kania Hater
    • Mine is so rasict and rude disrepectful all the time! On our essay, she said that i can't look anything up on the internet for my topic. HOW ABOUT SHE LET A WHITE GIRL IN MY CLASS LOOK WHATEVER SHE WANTED TO ABOUT HER TOPIC! I JUST SOOOOO FRICKING HATE HER! UHHHHH!!!

  • My art teacher got a very generous 97%. I cheered when there was only 3 art clases left with her. She kicked me out of class, which was awesome! Then she banned me from a project lots of 6th graders liked. There was more leading to that, alot more. So to Mrs. Tucker: You are the worst teacher I'll ever have (or ever had)!

  • This new teacher is frikin' making me feel like slapping her. All she does in her life is shout in the lesson and never give us a proper lesson and then we have to welcome the test with open arms. LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF TEACHER IS SHE. the highest mark she ever gave me was a B on a test I've been studying for 4 months straight! I got 77% hatred to this teacher I WILL FIND THE REST 23% percent at some point! there's still a whole term to go!

  • I hate my fricken la teacher he is talking mom sense and doesn't even try to help me out when I specifically email him and ask him questions. I am so fricken mad at him and hope he just vanishes into thin air because I hate you VDB

  • My god I hate my 7th period teacher. She is nothing but a scab and I would love to give her a stone cold stunner over and over again there is nothing but a pulp of a human being.

  • I hate my teacher she's the worst I'm not even doing anything and she's like you too and she doesn't even know my name I got a b in her class I hate her that little butt fart face

  • 0% for my science teacher, awh i love him he's awesome. I didn't used to like science until he joined my school but now he's inspired me to do something to do with science when i'm older.

  • You hate your teacher 36% 36%

    You are kind of on the border line. You don't hate them, yet you don't like them. I guess it's not a bad place to be, but seriously, I either like my teacher, or i don't

  • My spanish teacher stares at me when I pack up if we have like 5 seconds left. like WHAT THE f---! And then I email her to try to get help but she just ignores me like I am just a fly. Really wish I could switch teachers, 5th period is my least favorite period all day

  • Uh wow 16% well I wasn't expecting 100 I like my teacher she's funny and she's pretty freaken nice for what I was expecting.

  • I hate my teacher so much. Shes new and shes horrible. its 8th grade and she brings a f---ing hedgehog to class?! She gives me f's for some broke dojo points. Ill pay anything to get her fired becasue she ouldnt even get a job at mcdonalds.

  • The teacher I have is the worst one I ever had in my life. I really wish I could get a better teacher.

  • She gives me detention like every day for no bloody reason. I hate her and she hates me so I guess its fair.

  • 100% for my language arts teacher. i hate him like i never knew i could hate anyone!!!!!!!! im too smart for his class and my stupid classmates. im definately changing my schedule.

  • I will be a terrorist to kill ALL teachers.

  • I hate my teacher so much he refuses children to go to the toilet and can’t teach what a butthead

    1 Ciara

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