How Much do You Hate Twilight?

Hey y'all! Again, this is a mandatory paragraph. All these words are necessary. Do people even read them? If you read this, comment and tell me how often.

I was 4 characters over the necessary amount, which is 150. I can't stand just leaving it though. It bugs me. It bugs me almost as much as having to type it at all.

Created by: CharityChase

  1. If Bella and Edward were drowning and you only had time to save 1, what kind of sandwich would you make?
  2. Did you read the Twilight Series?
  3. Did you ever see the movies?
  4. Do you know who Alice is?
  5. Do you think Edward actually have any vampire skills? ( or weaknesses?)
  6. Team guy who almost ran over Bella with a truck, Team Jacob, Team Edward?
  7. Is it creepy to you that Jacob did whatever to that baby?
  8. Do you think you hate Twilight?
  9. Will you review? ( won't affect score)
  10. Did you like this quiz? (Won't affect score)

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Hate Twilight?