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  • I care about my sister a lot, I just don't do what other sisters like you do to show it. I spend countless hours just planning the perfect gift for her birthday or Christmas. I let her order first at restaurants, and play what she wants to play all the time. You gave me a 30%! and what you said was mean, whoever made this quiz. I agree with everything riirie said. I send my prayers to whoever is suffering as your sibling

  • You're the worst person in the world please die.

  • riirie, you should never tell someone to die. That is the worst thing you can ever say, especially when they are going through something tuff. You should be ashamed of yourself.:/

  • 20% lmaoo

    Suh Dude
    • "This is terible!!! You know you can do a much better job then what you have already done. This is so sad."

      Yea no

  • I miss my sister alot, she's the only one I can always tust, I hope the bond we have will never be gone. I hope ur doing good rn mayra, I miss u alot!!!!:(


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