how much do u like cats

there are many cat lovers i made this quiz to see baout you cause i wnat to see othe rpeople like cats plz read and take it will show u if u do it helps me know more ok

are u a cat lover find out in this quiz eve rfelt idk but u do like them but wanna find out if u loved them i dont know about u but i love cats so dang much

Created by: ashley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what u scale
  2. so what do u like baut the 'eas'
  3. btw if u get meh it means kinda do kinda dont
  4. what breed do u like
  5. what do u thnk of sphnx cats
  6. what color coat -pls not black-
  7. do u like it if they toke ove rte world!!-i would-
  8. how would u feel if i gave u a cat
  9. u knew this was coming whats your fav color
  10. what age -up does not count- doe snot effect etheir

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