how much do u know about wwe

this quiz is about if you know about wwe or will be exited to take this quiz.undertaker john cena triple h shawn micheals crime time evolution kane chris jericho gold dust hornswoggle vince mcmahon shane mcmahon the rock stone cold

young people and old people can take this quiz wwe wrestlers hulk hogan andre the giant usa network my 50 t.v and sci fi macho man randy savage world heavy weight championship ecw championship and everyone around the world

Created by: steven

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  1. how much times has y2j chris jericho win the intercontinental title
  2. what is undertaker record at wrestle mania
  3. what type of music is mark henrys song
  4. who ended jbl's career
  5. how many years has raw been going on
  6. Triple h's nickname is ........
  7. who won the money in the bank 2 times in a row to make history
  8. what title does chris jericho prefer most
  9. what fight style is jeff hardy
  10. what is the biggest match in the history of the wwe
  11. who won the worldheavyweight title the most in history

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